"Aimer et servir le Christ dans les malades et les pauvres selon l'esprit évangélique"

The Director’s speech

Saint Luc hospital: it is a small hospital that employs 60 cameroonians and two expatriates. It is also a modest structure older than 40 years, with a great desire: to be a small center of excellence where the patients feel at home themselves and are sure to get the best possible service. This is the our ambition and the resolution that guides us: place the sick people  to the center of our actions.

The smile, kindness, skill, teamwork, availability, thoroughness, fairness and honesty and then, in one word, love for anyone who suffers in the footsteps of whom taught us to love, are the weapons which, united with good medicine and practiced in modern equipment, allow us to satisfy our users.

It is up to users to help us maintain the standard acquired. For them to monitor the way we work, to appreciate them or criticize our behavior to them to report any slippage, diversion, dishonest or illegal procedure they would have noticed.
To our friends supporters thank you. Saint Luke’s Hospital lives thanks to your generosity. Continue to support us.

With the participation of all employees, clients and friends that a hospital can be considered well organized and the hospital Luke longs to be. To each of you, we say thank you in advance for the contribution.
Dr. Paolo Marelli